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Spiritual awakening EP15

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Pando G & Neo Brendon – I Was Good To You
Chapter & Verse – Lights Go Out (Extended Mix)
Enki Nyxx – Stuck On My mind
Bugatti Music – Rave (Extended Mix)
Rerd Lowfeat. Breana Marin
Bibi & Sami Dee pres. Da Slammin’ Phrogz – Somethin’ About Da Music 2021 (Qubiko Remix)
Bontan – The First Time
Rodge – We Got The Power
Danny Rockin – Opa-Popa
Wh0 – You Got Me
Eli Brown – Legion
Anto – Everybody In The Club
Ben Delay – Only You (Superdope Remix)
Bhaskar & Lucas Estrada Ft. Eeva – Feel Your Love
Eden Prince Ft. Clementine Douglas – Greenlight (Extended Mix)
Fly & Sasha Fashion – Castles In The Sky
Falden – Don’t Wanna Know
Serious 2 – Passion In The Air (Miguel Campbell Remix)
THAT KIND – Summer In Love
Gorgon City Ft. Hayley May – Never Let Me Down
Sammy Slade – La Di Da (Tommy Mc VIP Mix)
Stund – Count That
Jacked On Faith – Show Me
Boy Raver – Reckless Flake
Drum Lords – Feel It
Rhythmoholia – Praise The DJ
Narciso & Gerundino – Don’t Go Round
MXJ – Energy (Radio Edit)
Luigii Nieto – Jeremiah 22


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detention efficit

detention efficit

Detention now likes to play on CDJ 3000's and the nexus 900 mixer to V10 mixer, but he started out playing on 2 Technic 1200’s and Vestax mixer, that he bought 2nd hand from a local music shop in 2003. After Vinyl came the digital age and a different style of DJing, learning quickly that Mac’s are the industry standard for anything Music. Then came Traktor, playing with controllers on a Native Instruments S4 Mk1 and then the S8. What does he do when he’s not Producing or DJing? Detention loves to take his dogs for walks anywhere in nature. Watch Historical documentaries and anything on National Geographic. Lacrosse is a big favorite as well as Football. Loves to explore the essence of a well home cooked meals!

detention efficit show archive

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