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House Is A Healer EP09

micDetention EfficittodaySeptember 28, 2022 568 27 5

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1 Detention Efficit – House Is A Healer Intro Only
2 Amorhouse, Tonix – Don’t Go (Extended Mix)
3 Etty Lau Farrell – He’s A Rebel (Guz Dub)
4 T3KAS – Got Me Moving (Extended Mix)
5 Juntaro – Make It Hot (Extended Mix)
6 Jeff Retro, Ellerton Rd, Maria Moss – All 4 U (Extended Mix)
7 James Hype – Crank (Extended Mix)
8 Luan Trombin – The Rock (Original Mix)
9 Qubiko – Closer (Original Mix)
10 Janika Tenn – Kentia (Venky Extended Remix)
11 Dirty Secretz – Let It Go (Extended Mix)
12 Aaron Mount – Directly (Original Mix)
13 Blond:ish, Francis Mercier, Amadou & Mariam – Sete (Original Mix)
14 Beat Junkiez   – Guitars On Fire (Original Mix)
15 City Soul Project, B.O.D – Higher (Original Mix)
16 Vessano – Sacrifice (Extended Mix)
17 NineXNine – Jesusito (Extended Mix)
18 Niko The Kid, Ssol, Zen World – Dale (Extended Mix)
19 Zsak – Dream Of You (Extended Mix)
20 Dennis 97 – Take Me Down (Original Mix)
21 Whoizz, Denace 2 Society – Dirty Funk (Extended Mix)
22 Chapter & Verse – In The Dark (Extended Mix)
23 Interupt – Midnight (Extended Mix)
24 Mau P – Drugs From Amsterdam (Extended Mix)
25 Samii, Joy Rivo, JTO – Make You Mine (Extended Mix)
26 Dr. Chaos – Velvet Sky (LKDR Extended Remix)
27 Charles Meyer  – Lightworker (Original Mix)


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detention efficit

detention efficit

Detention now likes to play on CDJ 3000's and the nexus 900 mixer to V10 mixer, but he started out playing on 2 Technic 1200’s and Vestax mixer, that he bought 2nd hand from a local music shop in 2003. After Vinyl came the digital age and a different style of DJing, learning quickly that Mac’s are the industry standard for anything Music. Then came Traktor, playing with controllers on a Native Instruments S4 Mk1 and then the S8. What does he do when he’s not Producing or DJing? Detention loves to take his dogs for walks anywhere in nature. Watch Historical documentaries and anything on National Geographic. Lacrosse is a big favorite as well as Football. Loves to explore the essence of a well home cooked meals!

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