Extra Sensory Perception with Sacha – EP34

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    Extra Sensory Perception with Sacha - EP34 Sacha

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Broadcast live 30th march 2023

live every thursday from 4pm uk time – tune in for the love



Music Makes Me High – The Avalanches

The Clapping Song – Shirley Ellis

Walk on the Wild Side – Lou Reed

And The Beat Goes On – Whispers

IOU – Freeze

Chaka Khan – I Feel For You   

Human League – I’m Only Human     

The captain of her heart – Double

Clouds Across The Moon        Rah Band

Joy And Pain – Maze

Dancing For Mental Health – Will Powers

Time of the Sixth Sun Trailer

Muppet Show TV theme

Picture Of You – Boyzone

The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades – Timbuk 3

Gimme all your lovin – ZZ-Top

Lets Go All the Way – Sly Fox

Oye Mi Canto (Hear My Voice) (English Version) – Gloria Estefan

Rat In Mi Kitchen – UB40

Embarrassment – Madness

Thin Line Between Love And Hate – The Pretenders

Must Be The Music (Joey Negro 2am Disco Reprise) – Joey Negro

Between the Pavement and the Stars – Mighty Mouse

Soul Makossa (Money) (Club Mix) – Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP

Everybody Needs Somebody To Love – The Blues Brothers

Maybe Tomorrow (The Littlest Hobo Theme) – Terry Bush

Fraggle Rock Theme  – Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock


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Intuition with Sacha


Intuition with Sacha

streaming from Brighton, Uk

We all have intuition, and we all have lots to learn about how to follow it, every day is a school day in my world, and having faith in love is key, to being free to find our authentic selves. In these podcasts I'll be taking you on my spiritual journey, sharing time, space and stories with all kinds of beautiful people that i've met somewhere along the way, or new friends that have something valuable to say.



The Full ESP: For the Love ❤️


The Full ESP: For the Love ❤️

streaming from Brighton, Uk

This is my first series of podcasts in which I’ll simply be talking from the heart about what I’m up to in my music world, plus inviting good people that I know and connect with to chat along with me, with the focus on truth, love, and music all the way. Truth matters massively to me; I am an honest soul; my podcast conversations will be nothing if not REAL. I’m not one to talk idle chit chat, I love real talk, real stories, about anything and everything, if it's not BS I am in. I love nice people, good music, animals, especially cats, and I love freedom of expression ESP stands for Extra Sensory Perception and is my real birth initials. I’ve always loved the magical side of life, my sixth sense has developed over my many years here. The spiritual psychic side of me that’s been very much repressed is now out. My spiritual faith is a now a great support system to me and plays a major part in my daily life and will be my guide throughout these podcast conversations.


80's Classics

Sacha says “Relax, the 80’s R Back”


Sacha says “Relax, the 80’s R Back”

streaming from Brighton, Uk

Relax in the decade of decadence as istreem's first lady Sacha takes us back to the magic of the 80's. Pull on your leg warmers, big up your hair and get ready your glitter out. Ready for a bombshell of fun and frolics as we skip our way through the tunes that made it such an incredible era of simply inspiring music... Put your penny in her jukebox and ask her to spin your favourite tune, get up out of your lazy bed and let's DANCE...


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