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brighton, uk

“Sacha really changed the game for me as a DJ, I went around the world with Sacha as my agent. She understands the industry and is hungry; she always has ideas and can see things most people miss. Sacha fully cares about her artists and those that she works with, and that's what it takes to get to the next level”
low steppa
“Sacha has done an incredible amount for my career over the years and I can’t thank her enough! I have never met anyone who can parallel her passion, professionalism and knowledge in the music industry. It has been a privilege to work with her and get to know her as an individual during my time in music!”
rich wakley/spektre
"Sacha is an amazing DJ Agent and exceptionally hard worker. She has an awesome understanding of the Electronic Dance Music industry and is also a wonderful human being. She really looks after all of her DJ’s.
eats everything
“I've worked with Sacha for over 10 years now with BMC and other projects, all I can say is she is one of the most kind, honest, dedicated, loyal and hard working people I’ve met over the years in our industry, She’s the real deal and I can’t speak highly enough about her and is now a good friend".
William Hamilton Mauseuth
brighton music conference
“In an industry largely dominated by overtly sexist, egotistical and insecure male deejays, thankfully we have a few good women at the top of their game to manage the precious little darlings – Sacha is one of those lovely ladies. Her love, enthusiasm and understanding of UK club and DJ culture remains unsurpassed.”
norman jay mbe
"I have been fortunate to know Sacha for 5+ years both professionally & personally & can safely say that as well as being a pleasure to work with, she is a consummate professional who has a deep knowledge of the electronic music industry to match. Sacha is loyal, principled & certainly has the courage of her convictions, she’s definitely not backwards at coming forwards if the need arises!"
james holdsworth
lnadj /brighton music conference
“I have seen many of Sacha’s top qualities shine through from being a promoter to an agent. She’s never been one to rest on her laurels and is constantly out there looking for new ways to push her artists and brand.”
I have been in the dance scene for over 30 years and take it from me, you will not find a harder working or more professional person than Sacha, her work ethic has built an international reputation built on honesty and respect. She is the kind of girl that gets things done, she doesn’t wait for things to happen she makes things happen ...the only thing she waits to turn up ...is her sleeves
john kelly
“The time I spent working with Sacha was an absolute pleasure, her commitment to the cause was relentless and feedback from promoters was always super positive."
jody wisternoff
“The great thing about Sacha is if you ask her to do something - she does it. She’s trustworthy, always smiling, hard-working and full of ideas. Sacha is one these people that sleeps with a notepad on her pillow ready for those middle-of-the night brainwaves.” “When the opportunity to launch Scream in Bristol arose, it was obvious who was needed to be one of the people behind the night… People are drawn to her with her joy of life, love of music and never ending energy. Clubland needs more people like her.”
dan prince - dmc


…Known mainly as simply Sacha throughout her many years in the dance music industry, Sacha is a woman with fascinating stories of over 25 years in clubland to tell.  As a promoter, DJ Agent & Manager, Radio Station presenter and owner, and most importantly to her; a true lover of good music and the underground dance floors, her experience as a woman in dance music is vast and colourful, and she remains to this day,  unquestionably, one of the most hard working and passionate women in the scene.

At the age of 16, Essex-born Sacha left school and home and became a high-flying re-insurance broker for Lloyds of London. Independent and driven by self-success, it was no surprise when Sacha was head hunted countless times during her seven-year career in the city.

Worlds apart from the rat race of corporate London, Sacha’s passion for music shone through, instilled from an early age growing up on a diet of Blondie, Genesis and Supertramp. It was the weekend that the music-loving, party girl lived for, and her early raving days were spent at legendary London nights such as Malibu Stacey at Hanover Grand, Club UK in Wandsworth & Leisure Lounge in Holborn.

Likeable and friendly, she became a barmaid at her local club in 1994, at the infamous Racquels in Basildon; the scene of the notorious Leah Betts and “Essex Boys” drug gang scandal. Meanwhile she left her dull city job for a 3-year stint in the ‘not so glamourous’ world of Pg3 modelling, her break into the media world had begun.

After some hedonistic nights at Sundissential, the Birmingham promoters spotted Sacha’s potential, and snapped her up to head to Ibiza to promote their fortnightly residency at Eden in 2000.

Sacha’s entrepreneurial spirit kicked in, with her first season promoting events in the world’s most competitive territory. Describing it as her “baptism of fire”, she steered the Sundissential ship to success as the themed nights attracted crowds in their thousands, and with her previous Page 3 glamour girl contacts was followed all summer by TV crew for Sky One’s Ibiza Uncovered II.

By December 2000 back in the UK – Sacha partnered with Mixmag/DMC’s Dan Prince & Louis Gee, and launched one of the most successful hard house and trance parties of the time; Scream… The night is now cemented in Bristol clubbing history…

    “When the opportunity to launch Scream in Bristol arose, it was obvious whose heart & soul was in it … People are drawn to Sacha with her joy of life, love of music and never-ending energy. Clubland needs more people like her.” Dan Prince – DMC, Nativ Ibiza

Sacha was now the host of the weekly Scream parties. Every big-name hard house and trance DJ played to the 1,800 strong crowd, with star residents Judge Jules, Lisa Lashes, Anne Savage, John Kelly, and the then little known Tiesto, plus enlisting the soon to be Radio1’s Fergie.

Sacha understood the love the night had, and begun to get a keen ear for the DJs that really rocked the dance floor, especially her weekly stalwart residents, being none other than Dan Pearce, now known as Eats Everything, and Amos Nelson (Waifs & Strays). Her eye for spotting talent had begun.

The Scream days came to an untimely and sad end, but the highs and the lows of promoting a big weekly club night, had given her an itch for the music biz that she had to scratch.   By summer 2001, Sacha was on a new mission promoting Lashed in Ibiza, and as the promotion’s manager for the infamous School Disco party night.

The tenacious Sacha was then head hunted again, this time by Judge Jules agency ‘Serious’, home to some of the most successful dance acts of the time including Sonique, Anne Savage, Trophy Twins, Matt Hardwick & Scott Bond, and – under their house banner Dusted – Norman Jay MBE and Rebekah. Here Sacha took on the role as Tours Manager, booking in and running the Serious World tour events.

Before long, Sacha took over the head Promotions Manager role, to run the infamous Serious Saturday night parties at legendary venue; The Cross and Dusted at Pacha. Sacha was also responsible for taking Dusted to Eden, Ibiza for 2 seasons.  Serious then suggested Sacha became an Agent, and signed budding house DJ Oliver Lang, Sacha’s first artist, along with holding the diaries of Jo Mills, John Kelly and Filthy Rich.

After many years promoting, Sacha was now in the role that would see her break away and set up on her own.   Ideal DJs was formed in 2006, becoming a place for paving the way for a new generation of DJ to become the superstars of tomorrow.

Sacha dedicated her time to providing support, guidance, nurturing and advice that helped her artists carve successful careers, representing Scream friend Eats Everything into the business, she built an international career for Filthy Rich and his Spektre alter ego with Paul Maddox, and was instrumental management for Will Bailey now Low Steppa, along with other roster artists such as, Elite Force, Pete Gooding, Jody Wisternoff, Jason Herd, Jon Fitz, Prok & Fitch, The Young Punx and many more.

In October 2011, Sacha launched the first live and visual streaming Radio station: Ideal Clubworld Radio. Over 100 DJs backed Sacha’s quest to shake-up the dance music scene, broadcasting alternative underground music and exclusive shows from a variety of DJs, switching from studio to studio around the world.

The station was born out of passion for music, but also out of a frustration with the music scene at the time, the egos that occupy it, and the greed that drives it, and her intense irritation that so much great music, was not getting the attention it deserved, talent being drowned out, under the noise of EDM.

The next 5years was the steepest learning curve of Sacha’s life, her level of desire and drive for quality pushing her through all the dramas of building, running, and creating a Radio station business, in the new digitally driven, internet world. It was harder than she had ever comprehended it could be, but through the trials and tribulations, her real passion for what she loved to do most was found, ON AIR is where Sacha truly loves to be, when she’s at one with the music, sharing her love for it, with her listeners, her enthusiasm, knowledge and love for life and music is like a beacon of light for all to see and enjoy with her.

The Ideal Radio love train she was riding, then gave what her heart desired, true love.  The man she says saved her life, her DJ/husband Mike Wall, now known as Wax Worx.  They fell in love live on air and a partnership made in musical heaven began, with a marriage in a dusty Burning man desert coming next.

In 2017 after a year off from Radio life, Sacha licensed the Data Transmission brand and created DT Radio, sadly in 2019 she found out the brand owner was facing business issue, and after a traumatic period, dropped the name, rebranded, and threw her heart and soul once more into to the station… After a year in which their world was turned upside down by the pandemic and a family bereavement they pushed through, dug deep and in January 2021, istreem radio was born.

Moving in a man’s world is not easy, but as one of the longest standing female business owners in dance music, her name has now become synonymous with global dance music radio, playing host to over 4000 international artists over the last 10 yrs.  She’s now a major part of Brighton Music Conference team and board member, and a strong supporter of equality.  Her strong ethics, humanitarian principles, and spiritual soul are plain to see.  Music continues to be her guide and bring her great happiness and strength through life.

Sacha’s sheer determination and strong character has allowed her to strive through the last 30 years and keep on smiling.  She’s forged a firm place and solid reputation in the increasingly tough, still male dominated industry of today, and her passion for the community born from the Rave spirit, and the talent living and breathing that she continues to champion in it, is relentless and everlasting. Long may it continue…


80's Classics

Sacha says “Relax, the 80’s R Back”


Sacha says “Relax, the 80’s R Back”

streaming from Brighton, Uk

Relax in the decade of decadence as istreem's first lady Sacha takes us back to the magic of the 80's. Pull on your leg warmers, big up your hair and get ready your glitter out. Ready for a bombshell of fun and frolics as we skip our way through the tunes that made it such an incredible era of simply inspiring music... Put your penny in her jukebox and ask her to spin your favourite tune, get up out of your lazy bed and let's DANCE...


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