The Full ESP #1 Sacha talks to Rebekah

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Hello, Sacha here, welcome to the ‘The Full ESP’ with me…

This is my brand new talk show podcast, in which, i’ll simply be chatting openly and honestly to a whole host of people I know, and some i’m yet to meet.  It’s also the name of new blog, where I’m finally going to be publishing some of the thoughts and feelings that I have rolling round in my head every day, and sharing it all with you.

I’m coinciding this with my full return to the Radio airwaves and my music led show; Extra Sensory Perception, will be taking listeners into the next musical dimension, live every Sunday from 6pmGMT.

I’ve always been a book worm; I just love reading and writing.  I’ve been putting pen to paper all my life, I have notebooks full of my scribblings, many letters written from the heart and never sent.  It’s part of my own personal therapy, but I’ve never published any of it.  Fear holds you back in all kinds of ways, and being quite a private person really, I’ve always kept most of this to myself.  However, since the encouragement I’ve received from my partner in crimes of love and music; my husband Mike aka Wax Worx, I now feel ready to put it all out there, and see what happens, heh what have I got to lose?

Truth matters massively to me; I am an honest soul, too honest and open for my own good maybe at times. That said, this has not only kept me relatively safe from someharm, but it has undoubtedly saved my sanity in testing times.  My blog, my show, my podcast conversations will be nothing if not REAL.  I’m not one to talk idle chit chat, passing the time of day is not something I enjoy, or like to do.  I love real talk, about anything and everything, if it’s not bullshit, I am in.  I love nice people, good music, animals, especially cats, and I love creativity in all its forms, and I really love a good natter, putting the world to rights over an espresso martini or 2, and by god I’ve never known our world need righting more than it does now!

ESP is my real birth initials and I’ve always loved the magical side of life and my sixth sense has been developing over my 47 years.  They call me psychic Sacha, (I don’t know who they are?) and I can freak myself and others out with it on regular occasions. My spiritual faith is a now a great support system to me though, and plays a major part in my daily life, so if the hat fits, wear it, I do love hats.

In my first conversation I’ve gone straight in on a subject that is hot topic but also quite taboo. It is extremely sensitive, emotional to discuss, but some things are too important to not talk about. This is a very important subject to me and I feel should be, to everyone who believes in true equality for all.

As a woman of over 25 years in the business, having left home at 16, and made my way independently in the world, I’ve seen a lot shall we say, and not all of it good.

Sexual harassment and disrespect have been prevalent throughout, whether it be in personal or business life, it’s tough being a woman running a business alone.  In the dance music industry being a social industry, there is no line between work and pleasure.  Egos are rife and out of control and I’ve watched this get worse, not better.

#forthemusic A movement against sexual harassment for safer cubbing

So, for this first episode I’ve invited a lady, artist, and industry friend that I have known throughout my career, who has a vast amount of experience in this subject.  DJ Rebekah and me both entered this industry many moons ago from the modelling world, we both now know the business inside out.  I’ve seen her battle through, to rise to the top of the Techno game, where she is right now.

Winner of DJ mags Best of British in 2019, she has fought hard through her own personal battles, and is constantly subjected to gender bias, sexual discrimination, harassment and abuse along the way, #metoo.

In lock-down, she publicly shared her story and started the #forthemusic campaign; a movement to stamp out all sexual harassment on our dancefloors and within our music world which I am proud to now be an ambassador for.

In this conversation we talk frankly about the Morillo revelations, and question why the deafening silence from those with influence? How we feel about the glorifying after his death , and why we should all be willing to stand up for true respect and equality, within our global community to create real change.

The full zoom conversation will air first on friday 3rd decmeber 4pm GMT on our TV player here.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments, get involved in the conversation, and if you have your own story i’d love to hear it, email me studio@istreemradio.com I want to hear everyone’s thoughts, and comments, try and keep them clean and kindly intended, we can all do without more abuse in this world.

Go to metoo-music.com to find out more about the campaign

join my telegram group for updates here


Rebekah talks to Sacha #forthemusic in “the full esp”


Rebekah talks to Sacha #forthemusic in “the full esp”

streaming from Brighton, Uk

Hello, Sacha here, and welcome to my new podcast ‘The Full ESP’ my new series of talk shows, where I’ll simply be chatting openly and honestly to a whole host of people, and sharing my thoughts and feelings with you. I’m coinciding this podcast with the launch of my blog, and my return to the Radio airwaves. My music led show, Extra Sensory Perception will be taking listeners into the next musical dimension with me, live every week aligning with my new blog, where I’m finally going to be publishing some of the thoughts that I have rolling round in my head every day.


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