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wax worx - from the top of the world

sunday 27th june ***live*** 
from 6pm bst/1pm edt (warm up party from 5pm)


Brighton, UK

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“This year will be my first Set For Love, I really wanted to get involved last year, but due to a personal crisis I was unable.

This is my first proper set, since my last gig before the pandemic hit, which was for Switch! in Tunbridge Wells, me & my wife had just returned home from a dream holiday in Zanzibar, Tanzania, just as the pandemic was breaking.
Not only had we just returned from our dream holiday, I had also just had my dream gig, playing for my favourite party brand in the world, elrow. I played my set at midnight, on Christmas day, it was the most special moment of my 30 years DJing.

That set literally meant the whole world to me, but this set, well, it means even more.

My brother Tim, my first role model, father figure, best friend, tragically lost his life at the end of last year. He was the reason I got into music and then DJing, first by showing me a glimpse of the underground rave culture of the late 80′ early 90’s, and through listening to his rave tapes, and playing them to my friends in school. It was not long until I embarked on my first rave, at an age when I was not nearly old enough to get into a mainstream club, I experienced my first ever raving nights, at the then infamous, Sterns, on Highdown Hill, Worthing.

As I took my first steps into the underground, feeling the bass vibrations getting stronger, and stronger as I neared the dance floor. In that room, on that night, was the moment I fell in love with the music.

All these years on, and I have been blessed enough to travel the world, not as a high flying A list DJ maybe, but I’ve been around, and had some truly amazing DJing experiences, from having residencies and playing events in Australia, Canada, Andorra, Ibiza, Spain, for Ministry of Sound in Egypt, and of course the UK, I have been blessed enough to live a large part of my life doing what I truly love, making people dance, having a good time. For that I’m truly grateful.

This is such an amazing cause to be involved with, and with my brother Tim having spent many years of his life working with young people from marginalised backgrounds, both from the UK and developing countries it means even more.

It’s being broadcast on his birthday, and I know that his spirit will be with me on that day, and if I can raise enough money, and with Last Night A DJs help we can build a well, with his name on it, in a developing country, that would be something he would be proud of, and a fitting tribute to his legacy.

This one’s for you Monkey for the love and for everyone x

Love Blue Boy aka Wax Worx aka Mike x

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Wax Worx

“Gooooood DJ” - Eats Everything “Wax Worx’s music stands out from the pack” Steve Lawler Winner of Fatboy Slim and LWE Events Smile High DJ competition; Wax Worx is a true DJ that was born to make people dance.

digital release

wax worx - get up, go mad!


“I made this track in the summer of 2020, I just wanted to make something to express how I was feeling; about the current crisis facing the dance music community, my personal situation and society as a whole.  When I made this I was struggling emotionally, while going through a family crisis and subsequent tragedy, one in which the police, social services and mental health services that are supposed to be there to help us all, failed to help my brother and me. I now have a true understanding of how they are failing so many, I hope by giving this track to the Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Summer Of Love campaign, it can go some way to raise awareness and do it’s bit to help those in our community that really need it.  These are the most difficult and strangest of times that we are now living in, so I hope everyone listening can ‘get up, go mad’ with me…for the love of the rave”

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