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…Velvet Code is a Canadian Electronic Music DJ, producer and artist based in Toronto who’s about to take the music industry by storm. His music can be described as ‘80s and ’90s- influenced EDM, most notably the sub-genres of EDM known as electro house and progressive.

Velvet Code’s sophomore album ‘Dreamer’, which accumulated over 2 million plays on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube, was featured on major EDM publications such as, EDM Tunes,DJ Times Magazine among others. The track ‘Mary Offered Ladybugs and Love Yous’ even hit #27 on the Billboard Dance Charts.With his latest single ‘Teenage Dreamer’

Velvet Code demonstrates a brand new direction and sound, leaning towards the progressive house/EDM direction, and an exit from his electro pop sound which dominated most of his career. As a DJ and music producer, Velvet Code’s influences include Daft Punk, David Guetta and Calvin Harris.

In addition to producing and releasing new music, Velvet Code also hosts the weekly ‘Rise To The Rhythm’​ ​radio mix-show; which is broadcast to over 130 digital, FM and satellite radio stations around the world. He also hosts a weekly one-hour “Solitary Confinement Saturdays” show on Facebook and Instagram live to an average of 20,000 – 30,000 viewers.Recently, Velvet Code also launched his very own inclusive LGBTQ+ record label SO FIERCE MUSIC, ​ without judgement to the artists age, race, gender or sexual identity. Working with dedicated talents, SO FIERCE MUSIC helps guide artists while providing a proven platform for success.

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keith fortune

Born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland At an early age, Keith developed a passionate understanding of music. Keith grew up listening to a lot of 80s pop, disco and electronic records. This would later have a huge impact on finding his musical style. he was usually described as very hyperactive growing up. this is what led him to consume a creative mindset, always having to keep his brain occupied in something that he enjoys. Music was always a huge passion from a young age, always considered diverse as a producer releasing music under labels of different genres. 2019 has been a year of finding exactly the sound that perceives Keith as an artist, Implementing live sets with a taste of Italo Disco and 80s influenced Sounds coated with Tribal Grooves & Acid House. Starting off his DJ career as warm-up DJ in the countries capital has led Keith from playing various different venues around Edinburgh and Glasgow to bigger clubs over on the island of Ibiza. His dedication and passion for electronic music have driven him to greater success, resulting in a residency for Scotland leading club and events brand 'Colours which has led on to him opening main stage slots at festivals such as EH1 in Scotland & being on the bill for the love action festival at the arches in Glasgow. Keiths productions have attracted label, artists and event promoters across the house music scene

adrian kay

adrian kay

With 30 years of experience, from hot sweaty clubs, fresh open air festivals, many radio stations, terraces in the sun or helping the jagermeister go down apres ski, you are guaranteed to get the quality you are looking for. Take your pick or mix it up from vinyl to digital, smooth rolling chill out mixes to high energy…. It’s #HOUSETHERAPY

Crystal Palace


...DJ Natalli has been inspired by the likes of Andy C, Danny Tenaglia and Louie Vega and always brings together sick vocals and bouncy beats, and she has never stopped searching for the unheard tracks to bring the best to her audience, teasing the crowd with snippets of the tune, making them go crazy wanting more.  She strongly believes the secret to being a great DJ is guiding the listeners to experience a unique journey, whether they know the tracks or not, or heard them played thousands of times by other Djs. This is what she prides herself on in all her sets since she began 10 years ago. A journey through a galaxy of sound that will evoke deep emotions of euphoria and often nostalgia, taking you back to the raves you heard them first back in the day. The basslines shaking you to the core in a vortex of frequencies where time passes by so fast that you will want to scream Rewind and never want the set to end.

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