male white on trans logo

live at freedom music festival

friday 29th/5 – 10.30pm
saturday 30th/midday – 10pm
sunday 31st/midday – 6.30pm


streaming from high weald aonb, east sussex

HOPE’s Freedom Music Festival brings you the best entertainment in the truth community. This is a red pill event you won’t want to miss! tune in to hear the Bands, DJs, and Performers that aren’t afraid to spread the truth and haven’t let any lure of fame and fortune bend their integrity!

every single act that is performing this weekend, is doing so supporting HOPE and ultimately the wonderful home educating families that make up this beautiful community. Hub of Pivotal Events wants to give the courageous people that have been fighting tirelessly for freedom for the last 2 years a weekend full of fun, happiness, and high vibes! Take some time off with like-minded friends and family, you deserve it!

wax worx - get up, go mad!

get up, go mad! buy for £1 or more and donate to the @lnadj_charity #summeroflove #setforlove campaign


“I made this track in the summer of 2020, I just wanted to make something to express how I was feeling; about the current crisis facing the dance music community, my personal situation and society as a whole.  When I made this I was struggling emotionally, while going through a family crisis and subsequent tragedy, one in which the police, social services and mental health services that are supposed to be there to help us all, failed to help my brother and me. I now have a true understanding of how they are failing so many, I hope by giving this track to the Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Summer Of Love campaign, it can go some way to raise awareness and do it’s bit to help those in our community that really need it.  These are the most difficult and strangest of times that we are now living in, so I hope everyone listening can ‘get up, go mad’ with me…for the love of the rave”



wax worx - get up, go mad!

limited edition vinyl

all proceeds go to #truthfortim campaign


Exclusive Artist Signed Vinyl 12inch single White / Red Lava Splash