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blueprints with the dark architect

4th wednesday of the month
from 8pm bst/gmt


london, uk

the dark architect’s aim is to enable people to connect with their imagination, so each person can visualise their own bespoke journey’s through this realm and onto manifestation of their own realities.  

Progressive music that is masterfully mixed through multiple hours worth of music, smooth transitions and the sound he embraces in the clubs.  

Blueprints carries a strongly driven, melodically hypnotic underground sound.  Described by others as “something you can expect to get lost in and replay again and again” 


the dark architect

finding deep satisfaction in the repetition of progressive house and melodic house, the dark architect delves into the deepest reaches of the mind, with his pure sounds, rhythms and harmonies. the dark architects focus is to put together music which the listener gets completely lost in, music which envelopes them through their own autonomous train of thoughts, that come through from the harmonious music. creating a style which is almost meditative in nature.

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