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Anna Tur comes from a radio family. In fact, her father started several media projects, among them, Ibiza Global Radio. A visionary who together with her mother as a journalist and radio broadcaster, have made Anna grow up, feel and live the station as a lifestyle, as her passion.

After 16 years as CEO of Ibiza Global Radio, she has decided to go her own way, with her own beliefs and philosophy of understanding radio, music and life.

This space will be used as a channel of expression, raised to the highest emotional level, transmitting through the magic of the airwaves the purest electronic sounds, from house to what she considers “a sophisticated” techno sound, which is the sound that currently represents her.

In her show she will talk to you, connect with you, with the music, with her emotions and yours. Harmonic sets that tell a story, with music that she receives from artists from all over the planet.

With sporadic collaborations from artistic friends that she will introduce you to, her intention is to continue expressing through radio, which she now considers part of her DNA.

We hope you enjoy this show as much as she does. 

Welcome to ON AIR, with Anna Tur.

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