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Mind The Gap EP301

micJ zedtodaySeptember 19, 2021 425 32

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    Mind The Gap EP301 J zed


1) Disclosure — Another Level — Another Level EP — INgrooves

2) Lavonz — Personality (21 Revamp Mix) — Personality (Single) — self-release on Bandcamp

3) Highrise — Do It Again — FLAT3: Highrise/Soundboy Cookie — Flattrax

4) Julio Bashmore — Battle For Middle You (PJ Bridger Dub) — PJ Dubs 02 — self-release on Bandcamp

5) Erik Ellman — Private Talk — Dancing With Friends, Vol. 2 — SlothBoogie

6) Yosh — Choose One — Don’t Say EP — Lobster Theremin

7) Bop — Surfing The Anxiety Waves — Surfing The Anxiety Waves (Single) — Hospital Records

8) Minder — Here 4 U — Telepathy — Sneaker Social Club

9) FFF — One Tribe — One Tribe EP — Lobster Theremin

10) Soul Mass Transit System — U Got Me Burnin’ — The Dubble Trubble EP — Shall Not Fade

11) Pola & Bryson ft Kojo — Closer To Home — Beneath The Surface — Hospital Records

12) Pola & Bryson — Get Serious — Beneath The Surface — Hospital Records

13) DJ Seinfeld — Walking With Ur Smile — Mirrors — Ninja Tune

14) DJ Seinfeld ft Teira — The Right Place — Mirrors — Ninja Tune


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j zed – mind the gap


j zed – mind the gap

every saturday of the month

This is truly an “all-corners-of-the-club” show, featuring a carefully-curated hour of underground electronic music from the UK and around the world, loads of genres represented and championed. My show is portioned into three sections: #1 is The First 30 Mix, which is 30 minutes of what I feel are the most important tracks to hear at the moment, both brand-new and rediscovered. Much of the time there is a ‘theme’, of sorts, either house/tech house/vocal house, or techno/ leftfield, etc. #2 is the first part of the second half of the show, and typically it is comprised of my ‘Weekly Recommended Dose Of Drum N Bass’—you can count on UK jungle, DnB, and breakbeat in this segment. Closing out the show is #3, my DISC 2 segment, the ‘flip side’ of the previous 45 minutes. In this segment, I introduce a “chill-out” to wrap up the show, usually featuring ambient house or leftfield, downtempo, deep house, or indie/ experimental. For me, Mind The Gap is a bit of a ‘musical journey’ that I take my audience on each week. The last weekend of every month is a slightly different format: I present The First 30 Mix during the first half, and then in the second half, I feature my Best Of The Month Playlist, in which I hand-pick some of my favorite tracks from the past 4 weeks. Once per month, I feature local talent in the form of a 30-minute ‘guest selector’ mix of many different electronic genres. And lastly, at the end of the year, in December, it’s all about my Best Of 2019 (whatever year) playlist, in which I curate mixes of my favorite tracks from the entire year just gone. I might feature a bit of new music in the beginning of the show, but the bulk of the show will be devoted to a retrospect.




j zed

... A music head since age 3, when she hastened the early retirement of her preschool teacher by breaking the rules and playing tunes on the classroom's record player during coloring time. J Zed grew up listening to funk, hip hop, and disco (her first record she made her mother buy was Van McCoy's "The Hustle") before falling for New Wave in the 80s. Developing a healthy love for alternative Brit bands like New Order, The Smiths, Depeche Mode, The Cure, Happy Mondays and Joy Division, she discovered house music in the early 90s. Instantly gravitating towards the soaring anthems and diva vocals, it was a love affair that wouldn't soon die, and having a radio show in college at Drake University with a good friend sparked an excitement for being on the air that she never forgot. Still an aficionado of the music genres of her youth, J Zed celebrates the evolution of them into the new and fresh -- listening to hours upon hours of music per month helps her have a keen finger on the pulse of what's coming up, which she translates into her weekly shows.

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