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House Is A Healer EP01

micDetention EfficittodayAugust 4, 2022 430 23 5

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1 House Is A Healer Intro Only 02:40
2 James Deron – Low (Original Mix) 06:16
3 Sam One – Deeper Love (Club Mix 2022) House 06:42
4 Roger Williams, Hetty Loxston – Want Love (Original Mix) House 06:26
5 Pig Snatchers, M-Staffs – Head Spin (Club Mix) House 06:12
6 Tommy Capretto, Armentani Brothers – Red Lips (Extended Mix) Tech House 04:01
7 OOTORO – I Want U (Extended Mix) House 03:35
8 T-Bor – Now You Know Why (Extended Mix) House 05:41
9 Qubiko – Talking To Myself (Extended Mix) House 05:45
10 Way Too Long – Paco Caniza (Original Mix) House 05:31
11 Alex Bohemien, – Respect (Original Mix) House 06:10
12 Eddie Thoneick – I Wanna Freak You (Extended Mix) House 04:07
13 DJ Gomi, Mike Ivy, Todd Terry – Air (Main Mix) House 05:42
14 Tonbe – For This Joy (Original Mix) House 04:45
15 Apollo, Vanzi – Touch The Sky (Extended Mix) House 04:17
16 Damir Pushkar – I Need Your Love (Original Mix) House 05:23
17 Manuel Riva, Alexandra Stan – Heal Your Soul (Original Mix) House 03:14
18 Bruno Motta, Kytro – I Can’t Replace (Extended Mix) Progressive House 04:28
19 One Click Piano – I Got Is Love (Array) House 04:29
20 Roger Sanchez – Turn On The Music (Rogue D Extended Remix) House 06:39
21 Dany Cohiba – Harlem Renaissance (Cuban Mix) House 05:40
22 Dedross, Hutch – Its Happened (Original Mix) House 05:48
23 Marvin Aloys, LeSano, CASSIMM – You Are the One (CASSIMM Extended Remix) House 05:17
24 Milk Bar – Rock’N’Rome (Extended Mix) House 05:20
25 Freejak – Sandstorm  (Extended Mix) House 05:04
26 Anton Rudd – Feel It Tonight (Extended Mix) House 04:03
27 GetCosy, Kitobwoy – I Like Beats (Original Mix) House 04:03
28 Gianni Ruocco, Le Roi Carmona 9A – 6 – Get A Loop (Extended Mix) Dance 05:39
29 Kane Lane, Bronte – Nowhere To Go (Original Mix) House 05:01
30 Javi Bora, Richard Ulh – Move U Body (Original Mix) House 05:45



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detention efficit

detention efficit

Detention now likes to play on CDJ 3000's and the nexus 900 mixer to V10 mixer, but he started out playing on 2 Technic 1200’s and Vestax mixer, that he bought 2nd hand from a local music shop in 2003. After Vinyl came the digital age and a different style of DJing, learning quickly that Mac’s are the industry standard for anything Music. Then came Traktor, playing with controllers on a Native Instruments S4 Mk1 and then the S8. What does he do when he’s not Producing or DJing? Detention loves to take his dogs for walks anywhere in nature. Watch Historical documentaries and anything on National Geographic. Lacrosse is a big favorite as well as Football. Loves to explore the essence of a well home cooked meals!

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