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the young punx

The Young Punx are an English-based electronic dance music group whose eclectic and energetic style encompasses french house, breakbeat and drum and bass, mashed up with elements as diverse as 1980s pop music, rock music, disco and jazz. The Young Punx's music is created by producer, multi-instrumentalist and singer Hal Ritson in collaboration with an eclectic collective of guest musicians, producers and singers including Italian electro producer Phonat, virtuoso guitarist Guthrie Govan, co-founder of the act Cameron Saunders, DJ Nathan Taylor and vocalists such as Yolanda Quartey of Massive Attack, Count Bass D, Amanda Palmer and Laura Kidd of She Makes War.



wax worx - get up, go mad!

limited edition vinyl

all proceeds go to #truthfortim campaign


Exclusive Artist Signed Vinyl 12inch single White / Red Lava Splash