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lost boys

house / minimal / techno
london, uk




Lost Boys is a UK-based music project led by DJ and producer Conor Gouldsboro. Conor has been producing music since the age of 9 when he taught himself to cut up tracks into samples and experiment with them to make new songs. His sound is recognisable from the heavy basslines, funky melodies, tight drum rhythms, and an ethereal space-like sound inspired by spending his childhood as a sci-fi nerd.

Conor has worked under different names and aliases since 2014 DJ’ing across London, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Brighton, Stafford, Coventry, and recently performed his first international gig in Paris. He grew up on Soul, Funk, Rnb, Hip Hop, Grime, Garage & Reggae and regularly infuses the soul of these genres into his tracks and DJ sets. Conor also runs a record label & events company. A party with Lost Boys on the decks is not one you want to miss.

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