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lee gardner

house / techno
essex, uk




…As a young boy around the age of ten he was cutting up tapes and sticking them together with sellotape to make mixes, naturally next came the decks and the vinyl coupled with the dance music explosion and a pathway in music began to unfold. Progressing naturally into a career as a successful DJ he we on to play the best clubs London had to offer, along with promoting his own nights with great success.

Exposed to a multitude of music genes and producers over the years he drew inspiration from the likes of Grant Nelson, Full Intention and Mihai Popoviciu, playing genres going across the board from House to Techno
Production step was inevitable, coupled with the need to explore a different outlet for his passion and most recently signed to Salted Music.  His drive and creativity grows stronger with age and experience and his passion and capabilities are endless.

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