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digital flowers

progressive/minimal/tech house




…Digital Flowers is an experiment , a fusion in which art and Digital Thinking converge. Music, for connection, Music to dance, Music to become something higher. With this musical project Mexican Producer, Jesus Cuevas creates and authentic atmosphere full of sounds and textures, reflecting always the alchemy between fire and water.

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digital flowers

digital flowers – electric seed


digital flowers – electric seed

1st thursday of the month

Digital Flower ́s Radio Show Electric Seed is inspired in the mix between Nature and Technology. During 1 hour it will take you on a musical journey, in which every track will be selected for its magical benefits and energy. From the most organic to the Electriest sounds; Electric Seed is the place where all the alchemic sonorous elements gather together on a High Magic Ritual . Electric Seed its your best source to get the Latest and most fresh electronic music out there .