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Brothers Vibe

down tempo, house, soulful house, deep house
new jersey, usa



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brothers vibe

Brothers Vibe – Luv4Wax Show


Brothers Vibe – Luv4Wax Show

streaming from NY, USA

Coming from a man with over 40 years deeply rooted in vinyl culture, LUV4WAX has everything it needs to become an essential, trusted source for serious diggers and inquisitive souls alike. Best known as long-serving house producer Brothers’ Vibe, Tony Rodriguez has been collecting records since the age of six. Witnessing the birth of the New York, New Jersey and Chicago house music scenes first hand, he has dedicated his life to music through his own productions, running multiple record labels, DJing the world over, and even running a record pressing brokerage company through the ‘90s.



Tony Rodriguez aka Brothers’ Vibe; a record collector since the age of 6, has been active in the music industry since the age of 11. As a DJ playing his first club at the age of 14, to producing and remixing steadily since 1986, Tony Rodriguez has dedicated his life to the DJ Culture. A vinyl junkie with an extensive vinyl library, Tony welcomes all formats available with open arms; anything to spread the vibe globally has his full support!!

Throughout the years, Tony has gained the respect and support of DJs across the globe on all levels of the ladder. In addition to being label boss of MixxRecords, Jersey Underground, SOM Underground and BV Black; Tony burns the hours daily working on productions and remixes for various labels worldwide. You can hear the Brothers’ Vibe sound on imprints such as Freak N’ Chic, Moon Harbour, Freerange, Curle, Ministry Of Sound, Deep Vibes, Sushitech, Liebe Detail, 8bit, Fresh Fish, Lick My Deck, Blindstitch, Esperanza, Hectorworks, Tango, Trackmode, Rebirth, Playhouse, Quintessentials, Plastic City, Platzhirsch, Diaphan, Ornaments, Your Mamma’s Friend, Cerecs, Instinkt, Finale Sessions, Be N Ape, Suara and others. With an extensive discography, Tony will continue to make his contribution to the never-ending saga that is HOUSE MUSIC…



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