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istreem radio live program is curated by istreem HQ,  the new  program launches on monday 4th july and features a schedule of regular live shows from experienced and established artists, radio presenters, talk podcasters, and news providers, along with featured live broadcasts from special events.

istreem in the mix is for djs to join the station, and air their show. This is a promotional service and incurs a small monthly subscription cost,.


underground reality tv
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istreem.tv is underground channel, featuring presented TV shows, music videos, and visual content along with special  live reporting from events, festivals and clubs throughout the underground 

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join the global movement …it’s all about the love, music and our worldwide community.

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our pledge

…here at istreem radio we are united in our love of good music, good vibes and good tribes.

We are committed to providing professional streaming platforms and a supportive, safe space for artists to come together on one station, solely dedicated to giving them a place to play what they want to play, say what they way to say, and be who they want to be, to express themselves and let creativity run free.

Whether you be an established name, or just starting out on your DJ journey, our platform is designed for all of us to work together in building engaged online communities and fanbases, and stream your shows to our worldwide audience.

Broadcasting Radio since 2011, our founding partners Sacha & Mike Wall (aka wax worx,) have spent over 25 years working in the dance music industry, they live and breathe rave culture.. Since moving into radio and video streaming, they’ve worked tirelessly to bring a community together with love for the music, and built a discerning global audience of over 40,000 unique listeners and over 150 countries week in week out, while growing a database,  of over 300,000 DJs worldwide

When joining istreem, you  become part of our music family, and join a passionate team of artists, labels, brands and respected business professionals, from across the electronic dance music world, all working together in a shared love of our music and culture.

what the residents say

Adrian Kay  - Andorra - house/disco/funk
Adrian Kay - Andorra - house/disco/funk@adriankaystoneman
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...Having been a DJ since '91, I started working with Sacha in 2011 and realised I knew virtually nothing about the actual industry and how to reach an audience beyond my own industry circle. I have never met anyone who works so hard and tirelessly to preserve the original ideals of club culture and further the abilities and opportunities for those under her umbrella
Sean Scanlan - essex, uk - disco/house
Sean Scanlan - essex, uk - disco/house @djseanscanlan
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..I have followed Sacha since her Ideal days. Sacha is All about the music, community, willing to help anyone passionate about their music / career and respected in the industry by many. I joined Sacha in 2019 and continue to do so with my Bi-Monthly Show (1st & 3rd Saturday). Sacha has created a platform / station that I can play my current releases from Midnight Riot Records and the music I love to play and share with a worldwide audience.
Altitude360 - hastings, uk - deep house/ techno
Altitude360 - hastings, uk - deep house/ techno@Altitude360
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...I’ve had a blast working with the Istreem Team. The support and encouragement that we’ve had from the team and colleagues has definitely helped in increasing my profile and audience reach. The collaboration with other residents and supported labels has even led to another upcoming release with the label of a fellow resident!
Detention Efficit - Rochester, New York, Usa House/Tech/Funk
Detention Efficit - Rochester, New York, Usa House/Tech/Funk@detentionefficit
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...They have created a safe place for like minded people to come together as a collective. This way we will thrive together. My admiration and respect is a result of the way they come from Love Honesty & Respect. Everyone is as included as they feel comfortable with, while offering help to one and all. I truly feel blessed to have met such great human beings.
Gezvolt - Toronto, Canada - tech house
Gezvolt - Toronto, Canada - tech house@Gezvolt
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...Hosting monthly shows on iStreem Radio has been a huge part of growing our label and building a strong reputation within the music industry. We touch on the business side of things, but we also must mention how awesome Sacha and Mike (and the whole team) are. The iStreem Radio community is destined to make a huge impact in the music industry and we are very proud to be a part of it.
 Lempo - manchester, uk - house/tech house
Lempo - manchester, uk - house/tech house@Lempo
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...I’ve enjoyed working with Sacha over the last four years. She has become a strong ambassador and pioneer for both online radio and women in dance music. Sacha’s expert knowledge of the club scene, respect and relationships with industry leaders – makes her a relentless driving force. I’m excited to be part of the iStreem evolution, this brand will undoubtably flourish with Sacha at the helm
Lost Boys - london,uk - tech house/minimal house
Lost Boys - london,uk - tech house/minimal house @lostboys
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...Sacha and the team have been great from day 1. As a DJ starting to get serious about the direction of my career, the radio is a great opportunity for me to build out a network, develop my skills and find a unique angle for my sound. Sacha has a high level of integrity and her experience really shines through in every interaction. Sacha and the team work really hard to deliver a diverse radio station that’s great fun to listen to and even more fun to be a part of.
olilove - brighton,uk - house/tech house/deep house/jackin house
olilove - brighton,uk - house/tech house/deep house/jackin house@olilovemusic
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...I’ve been an intern with Sacha and Mike for 3 yrs since I started my dj/production course at college, while I got a good understanding of the technical side there, the time with Sacha has given me an understanding of the music industry and how it works, and i've learnt from Mike's feedback on the DJ production side. Interning for them has allowed me to grow in confidence as a person and as an artist, Sacha has a real passion for the music industry and making it a fair and equal place for all those involved and she works tirelessly to achieve her goals.
Mizont - boston, massachusetts, usa - techno/house
Mizont - boston, massachusetts, usa - techno/house @djmizont
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Just when I thought I was down & out of the Dance Music scene and just about giving up my DJ career, the folks over at Istreem Radio came & rescued me. Their love and support relighted a fire in me that I haven’t felt since the early 90’s when I first got into the scene. And for that, i’m truly honored to be hosting a show on a platform that’s cares about the artist as much as we care about them. What a blessing in my life
Pepe Rivera - Washington dc, Virginia, usa - house/techno/breaks
Pepe Rivera - Washington dc, Virginia, usa - house/techno/breaks@shadesofplay_felipe
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...I have really enjoyed working with Sacha for the past 3+ years. From the very beginning her enthusiasm and experience has shown thru and thru. I admire her patience, hard work and dedication especially with managing and maintaining such a large group of Radioshows/artists and deadlines! She is irreplaceable.
Red Dynasty - Calgary, Canada - house/tech house/ bass house
Red Dynasty - Calgary, Canada - house/tech house/ bass house@RedDynasty
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...We joined istreem through an introduction from a good friend of ours that we trust deeply, regarding judgement in the music industry. From the moment we were introduced, we have had nothing but an amazing onboarding experience. We are really excited to join the team and work hard at building both our brands, and be a part of an amazing music community!
Alex Zela - Leeds, UK - house
Alex Zela - Leeds, UK - house@alexzelamusic
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...Amazing, devoted team operating on a global scale while maintaining that intimate family feel. Glad to be apart of the platform - continuous expansion of the station from here on is inevitable.
Eddie Merced - Hartford, Connecticut, USA - Techno/House
Eddie Merced - Hartford, Connecticut, USA - Techno/House @eddiemerced
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...Sacha and Mike are good people to work with. Professionals to the fullest, they understand the passion we resident DJs have. They make it comfortable to work at istreem radio.
Evan Duthie - Aberdeen, Scotland - House/Techno
Evan Duthie - Aberdeen, Scotland - House/Techno@EvanDuthie
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...Sacha is great. Super helpful and there if I need anything! I feel I have really grown as a radio presenter. I now have so much more confidence presenting my shows. I’ve been very fortunate to be given this platform!
Mike Morales - Porto, Portugal - House Music
Mike Morales - Porto, Portugal - House Music@MikeMorales
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...One of the best I’ve worked with. I’ve been in the business since my 16 years of age and I’ve never ever dealt with someone as driven, professional, polite, serious yet relaxed and welcoming as Sacha. Made me feel part of the team from day one.
Phoole - Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA - House, Disco House, Funky House/Funky Breaks/eclectic
Phoole - Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA - House, Disco House, Funky House/Funky Breaks/eclectic@Phoole
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...Sacha is a powerful pioneer with kinetic change energy, always pushing forward for highest quality entertainment for music lovers. Sacha attracts and retains the best people for the long haul,
Karsten Sollors - Chicago, usa - House/tech house
Karsten Sollors - Chicago, usa - House/tech house@karstensollors
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...It’s been a pleasure working with sacha, she's always been super professional and on the ball. Looking forward to working together in the years to come!
Marc-V - bagé, brazil - techno/house/indi dance
Marc-V - bagé, brazil - techno/house/indi dance @Marc-V
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...It has been a pleasure to host the show on istreen and work alongside Sasha and her team these past months. We have the opportunity to keep our work alive during the pandemic and spread our music further. Hopefully our partnership will keep growing. I believe in istreem and Sasha's work.
Mendez - DJ/Producer - Fife, Scotland
Mendez - DJ/Producer - Fife, Scotland@mendez_muzik
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...In as little as over a year working with istreem it has allowed me to grow my fan base and to host my own radio show. I’ve learnt knowledgeable things about the industry in support of their movement. I look forward to working in the future with the istreem team.
odeum - Kiev, Ukraine - tech house/house
odeum - Kiev, Ukraine - tech house/house@odeumusic
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...Maximum helpful, guidelines are simple and understandable, all needed support from you is received on a request asap Tolerant, hard-working, dedicated and simply people you can easily trust. Quite rare things nowadays
SKTS - sendai, japan - house
SKTS - sendai, japan - house@propfdn
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I am very grateful to Sacha Wall for taking my show from my previous radio station.
Jake Tomas - House/Techno
Jake Tomas - House/Techno@jaketomasmusic
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Sacha is a brilliant artist manager, she has really helped me over the last few years, to develop and grow mine and my show audience. she's great
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wax worx - get up, go mad!

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